Jax is a bubbly creative with over 20 years’ experience of working in the creative arts.

Her training includes Devised Performance, Theatre In Education, Documentary Theatre, Storytelling, Singing, Crafting, Community Production, Playwriting, Drama Teaching and Examining. In 2016/17, Jax took part in ‘The Academy’, a training programme developed by Left Coast in conjunction with Creative Scene. The Blackpool based programme was aimed at sharing knowledge, increasing skills and resilience, and enhancing the practice of creative professionals. In October 2017, Jax was selected, alongside 24 other local and regional creatives, to take part in an exciting training programme with Creative Scene, delivered by Walk The Plank. The project culminated in the beautiful ‘Togethering’ event, bringing the people of Dewsbury together with live music, a lantern procession, shadow plays, fire drawing, pyrotechnics and a poem specially created to celebrate the town, which was vocalised by Jax, as an authentic Dewsbury voice. 

As an entrepreneurial businesswoman, Jax was co-founder of Artsphere Creative Ltd and founder of Rebloom Designs. She is also a Founder Member, Trustee and Chair of the Dewsbury Park Mansion Community Hub Ltd, a Charitable Community Benefit Society, engaged in the Asset Transfer process of the former museum building in Kirklees.

Mental Health and Wellbeing are of particular interest to Jax, who completed a Mental Health First Aid Training course in November 2017. Much of her work involves empowering people, communities and organisations to improve their confidence and resilience via creative support, mentoring and coaching.

As a Writer, Jax is involved in blogging for mental health awareness, business and community, and creates content for websites. She can often be found engaging with people via social media to reach relevant audiences for the projects she is involved in.

Following a year out in 2016/17 to further explore Creative Community work, Jax now marks her first year in trading as Jax Lovelock Creative and is available to support you creatively in growing your community organisation, your small business, or youself as an individual. Her main goal is to seek and implement ways to support local people, communities and businesses, so that they can find their niche and thrive.

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