Changing negative narrative to Positive Narrative


I am a bubbly creative with over 20 years’ experience of working in the creative arts, community, and business. You’re very welcome to take a peek here.

As a Writer, I am enjoying working on a fiction novel which will be released for publishing in 2020.

For many years I’ve been involved in blogging for mental health awareness, business, and community, and creating content for websites. This has evolved and during the Autumn of 2019, my blog will explore the concept of wellbeing alongside my fascination with discovering the voices and stories of all kinds of people.

As an entrepreneurial businesswoman, I co-founded Artsphere Creative Ltd and founded Rebloom Designs. Until recently I was Chair of the Dewsbury Park Mansion Community Hub Ltd and remain a Founder Member and Trustee. In Spring 2019 I was recommended for the role of Business Mentor, working with Pinnacle People to support those on Job Seekers Allowance in setting up and running their own business – a fantastically rewarding role!

Creative Education through drama and theatre work has been a lifelong passion. My Devised Performance Degree at the prestigious Bretton Hall University College was the foundation of my career as a Drama Teacher. I then went on to study the Playwriting MPhil at Birmingham University and have since explored theatre and drama in many exiting ways which you can see in my Portfolio.

The importance of wellbeing has been a passion throughout my life so much of my work involves empowering people to improve their confidence and resilience. My main goal is to support local people, communities and businesses in finding their voice so that they can share their stories and thrive!


What's Your Story?