Manasamitra: The Tea Pot Installation

Manasamitra is a South Asian arts organisation exploring creativity and culture in myriad ways. In 2018 they secured funding from Near Neighbours to work with local community groups in Dewsbury. Jax was pleased to work with them in a Community Liaison capacity, organising and supporting at workshop sessions in which participants explored tea ceremonies and the daily rituals of brewing and drinking tea. They shared stories and swapped tales relating to their “tea” experiences, exploring tea as a social brew, and creating art work as part of the discussion.

The workshops resulted in a creative “Tea Installation” at Dewsbury Minster in September 2018. Manasamitra’s Supriya Nagarajan worked with musicians to create a musical response to the discussions, whilst Duncan Chapman created a soundscape of music and conversation, created from the workshops, all providing an aural backdrop to the event. Over 70 young people and adults came along to listen and explore the installation.

Jax captured the workshops and installation in photography and video, as well as creating artwork for the workshops, and marketing via social media.