2018 has been an amazing year in many ways. It had it’s ups and downs but essentially there were far more ups for me than at any time during the 2 years previously. In that time I unexepctedly became a single mum, lost my business as a result, sank into severe depression and anxiety, had to move away from the home I knew and loved, and lost my Mum to cancer. Why be so personal on my business blog? Simply because my business is about empowerment: I’ve been through the mill and it’s horrendous experiences, but I’ve discovered and learnt about how to empower myself and those around me on a massive scale. It’s meant that in 2018 I’ve completed a highly successful first year back in business and been able to work with some utterly amazing people on equally amazing projects.

From working with Dewsbury Dance Centre on a successful Grant application, to supporting Manasamitra with their Near Neighbours Community Project “Tea Houses” and the “Tea Pot Insallation”, as well as many other projects, I’ve encountered empowerment in myriad forms. 2019 is set to bring together yet more projects and people that I can listen to, learn about, and work alongside. The ultimate aim in all of this is to see people, communities and businesses rise up and thrive, to work together for the good of all. It certainly isn’t easy for anyone, and none of us always get it right, but I firmly believe (and know) that we can take calculated risks and learn from failure as well as success.
Remember that it’s ok to take a step back sometimes, to rest, to re-evaluate, to ask advice, to research, to plan, to move on. In fact find something entirely “left-field” and see what emerges! Often these are the times when we find fresh motivation, new ideas, and like-minded people that will help us take the next leap of faith. This New Year will, for the most part, be what we make of it. For the bits we can’t control or plan for, that’s where our crititcal friends and loved ones can step in – don’t be afraid to ask. Knit together the support and structures you need to make it happen. Steer clear of those who sap your positive energy, make false  

assumptions about you, and/or don’t want to see you succeed. Keep pushing and problem solving, keep resting and playing, keep laying foundations and your vision will happen in some way, shape or form. Remember that the Phoenix can and does keep rising from the ashes. I know we can, I know YOU can! A big thank you to all those who have believed in me and worked with me – you’re an inspiration. Here’s to more of that in 2019!

Happy and Blessed New Year to All!