As we kick off this journey into exploring wellbeing, I wanted to give it a name to help it along. There is power in a name. I like simple so this is what it will be:

Wellbeing Wednesday

And we’re off! My last blog briefly looked at the various ways that Wellbeing can be described, but what do YOU want to know? What do you already know? I need your help to really get the journey started.

What do you WANT to know?

Can you help with recommendations of things to explore. For example:

  • How do people DO wellbeing?
  • Is it something you DO or something you ARE?
  • How do other cultures view wellbeing?
  • How do I know if I’m lacking in wellbeing?

What do you ALREADY know or DO?

As well as this, it would be great to know if you’ve any tips or hacks on wellbeing:

  • What activities / places / people contribute to your wellbeing?
  • How do you recharge your wellbeing when it’s low?
  • Do you provide wellbeing in some way?

Are You An Expert?

I’m looking for your questions and for people who feel like they’ve got a handle on this so that I can share their insight on my blog – I’d love to interview you and feature your story! After all, I intend this journey to be full of insight and exploration and where better to get that than from you?

Please comment in the box below with your musings, thoughts questions and answers so we can get this first part off to a great start! If you would like me to mention you, or link to your website, please let me know as part of your comment. Alternatively, if you would like to remain anonymous, simply pop that into your comment.

Finally, it would be wonderful if you could like and share my blog on social media with anyone who would be interested in it or has particular knowledge/expertise in the area of wellbeing. You might just be the missing piece that someone reading this needs. Thank you!

Love Jax!